Dutch Photography Working Group

The Dutch Photography Working Group, convened by Marta Zarzycka and Martijn Kleppe brings together academics and professionals to exchange ideas related to photojournalism, documentary photography, art, and photographic theory. We acknowledge an increasing cultural interest in the study of photographs and we hope to contribute to a growing understanding of the possibilities of research with, on, and by photography. The group functions as a platform for regional, national and international activities, bringing together researchers, practitioners, critics, curators, institutions and those working on various aspects of visual media.

The groups’ monthly agenda of workshops/seminars aims to strengthen scholarly debate, to provide links to further readings and discussions, to generate publication and exhibition opportunities, and also to develop international partnerships between institutions and individuals doing research on photography.

Meetings of the Dutch Photography Working group are public and open for all members of the Scherptediepte network. Those interested can register at the closed section of the website.

Next meetings:

·        Thursday 16 May 2013, FoMu Antwerp together with symposium Power! Photos! Freedom!

·         Friday 21 June 2013

Previous meetings:





15 februari 2013

Paradiso Amsterdam

Marta Zarzycka & Martijn Kleppe, ‘Awarded, Archived & Affects: Tropes in the World Press Photo Contest 2010 – 2012’ (work in progress)

Screening winners World Press Photo 2013

23 november 2012

Foam Amsterdam

Julian Stallabrass, ‘What’s in a Face? Blankness and Significance in Contemporary Art Photography’, October 122 (2007) 71 – 90

Diane Arbus with introduction by curator Kim Knoppers

2 november 2012

Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

Julia Noordegraaf, ‘Crowdsourcing television’s past: the state of knowledge in digital archives’, Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis 14 2 (2012) 108  - 120

Memberday Nederlands Fotogenootschap/
Depth of Field

21 september 2012

UnSeen Photo Fair Amsterdam

Fred Ritchin, ´A Quantam Leap´ in Fred Ritchin, After Photography (2009) 176 – 183

UnSeen Photo Fair & guestlecture by Fred Ritchin

28 juni 2012

Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Helen Westgeest, ‘Digital Appropriation as photographic practice & theory’, Depth of Field 2 (2012)

From here on with introduction & tour by curator Tamara Berghmans

18 april 2012

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

Nima, Naghibi, ’Diasporic Disclusers: Social Networking, Neda and the 2009 Iranian Presidential elections’, Biography 34 1 (2011) 56 – 69.

Poppy – Trails of Afghan heroin  in presence of creators Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong

10 maart 2012

Fotodok, Utrecht

Karen Beckman, ‘Nothing to Say: The war on Terror and the mad photography of Roland Barthes’, Grey Room 34 (2009) 104 – 134.

Objects in Mirror, in presence of curator Hans Gremmen


Marta Zarzycka is assistant professor and postdoctoral fellow at Gender Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Her project, Images at War: Photography, Gender and Humanitarian Aid has been awarded a VENI grant by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The goal of this project is to produce a set of representative case studies analyzing gender as a key component in armed conflict press coverage, and to create a framework of visual analysis that can be applied both to the coverage of conflict zones and the use of this coverage in humanitarian relief campaigns. Located in photography studies and using theories of representation and gender, this study provides a systematic analysis of images of women from the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq and their use in press and in fundraising appeals.

Martijn Kleppe works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. His interest lies in how historical events and current lives are visualized through photographic images. Currently, he is completing his dissertation on Dutch iconic photographs and recently started working in the European funded (FP7) program AXES -Access to Audiovisual Archives. Furthermore, he is the review editor of the Dutch Journal of Media History, and board member of the online open access journal Depth of Field. In his work, he tries to reach out to non-academic audiences by writing articles for newspapers and magazines. He also contributes a weekly column on the Dutch website Photoq.nl, commenting on the use of photographs in current media.